Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Holy Meh!

You might have noticed that my politically motivated blogging has all but disappeared. Where is my sense of outrage? Why am I not railing against the idiocy our Government espouses on a regular basis? Today we had the Conservatives in the senate tossing out a bill approved by the House of Commons. No debate, no reasoning, just tossed it. Previously, we have the Harper government unilaterally extending our commitment in Afghanistan. (Back stories here)

Not that long ago we had a pivotal ruling from the Speaker supporting the primacy of Parliament to demand documents. And the Liberals have since caved and run away from their responsibilities as parliamentarians. Throw into the pot the recent history of arbitrary prorogations, muzzling journalists, scientists, hell any employee in the public service, stalling of Freedom of Information requests, and the recent mini-police state imposed in Toronto during the G20 summit. I'm sure you can add to this list of abuses.

Take all those ingredients and the recipe is for the most dysfunctional, undemocratic, unrepresentative, childish and mean-spirited government in Canadian history. Poli-sci majors will point out that the decline of our Government didn't start with Harper and co. Fine, but Harper has taken a wrecking ball to whatever institutional traditions we have left and has killed democracy at the federal level in this country of ours.

Am I mad? No, I am beyond that. I no longer accept as legitimate the government we have. But my neighbours just do not care... yet. The corruption of our federal institutions (so far) has not directly affected us. But they have set the stage for further continued abuses by our political leaders. Harper has set the stage for whatever governments that follow him to rule Canada with unbridled power and authority. I do not know under which party banner it will happen, but Canadians will one day wake up and be astonished at what our government will be truly capable of. You think its bad now? The precedent has been set for it to get much worse.

I'm only along for the ride now. The train we are riding will lead to some sort of popular uprising at some point. Whether it will be mass protests storming parliament hill, or a full out armed insurrection I do not know. But once Canadians stop feeling secure in their day to day lives, there will be an abrupt change in mood in this country, and it will be ugly.

Our leaders are so embroiled in winning the day-to-day political battles, so focused on winning the popular vote with issues-du-jour that no one is actually leading with a vision. No one is looking forward at Canada's future. They are just looking at their political future and how their party can angle to win power. Power is the goal, not shaping Canada's future or even providing "Good Government." It is a shitty way to run a country.

Maybe I'm wrong, I can hope I am, but I can't even muster that. Despite predicting doom, gloom and even outright revolution, I'm not even in a state of fear or despair. Thanks to corporate life, I've gotten so used to being one little cog in a vast uncaring complicated machine, that I just robotically march along, reacting to inputs as they come my way. So I am content to cog along for now.

But in my own way, I am starting to react to the way our government is self-destructing. I no longer grant it the legitimacy of being my government. De Jure it is the highest law in the land, De Facto it is the people that are.

And if we ever rise to exercise our power, I'll probably see you on the front lines. I'm reserving my support for those that deserve it. So Meh for now, but that can change.


Ken Breadner said...

"I'm only along for the ride now"
You too, eh? With every piece of rancid news leaking out of Ottawa, my reaction is more and more muted. Just Harper being Harper--why is this even news?
I wonder how many Canadians feel like we do. I wonder what it would take to mobilize them. It can be done--Gordon Campbell proves it--but it's pretty hard to do. And the 30% or so of solid Con supporters make it even harder.

Catelli said...

BC got upset over a new taxation scheme. One that is apparently sound economic policy.

But, it hit them where they think it's going to hurt, in their pocket books.

So many Canadians have tuned out of politics, they aren't aware of how much of a bastard Harper is, which is why I don't think he'll experience a public outcry (no matter how justified). It'll be someone forced to implement a carbon tax, you know, something else that needs to be done. ;)